WoW player kicked from guild for being deaf

by Bradley Wint on December 31st 2010 at 10:26AM

It seems being deaf can actually get you into a bit of trouble with one guild in the World of Warcraft.

User Unwelcomed explained that he recently was involved in an accident, resulting in his hearing being damaged significantly. As a result, he has had problems conversing with friends and listening to music. The whole ordeal bogged him down so he turned to World of Warcraft to lift his spirits. His guild seemed to be accepting of the matter for just a short time, but when they asked him if he could use the Vent voice chat servers, he said no but also mentioned that he could research raids and use DBMs.

This didn’t solve the matter and he was kicked from the guild and ignored. Here is the full complaint:

Hey there thanks for clicking my post. This is going to be a bit lengthy.

I recently had an accident that resulted in the permanent lose of my hearing. The last few months have been the hardest i have ever known. I have had to deal with never listening to music and talking to people has become exhausting.

Its become that most people i thought were my friends just didn’t want to deal with me anymore as i had become inconvenient. I felt more alone than ever.

So i came back to wow. Now I’ve been playing with my guild for about 4 years. We have all become close friends. We have even done some rl guild parties. I explained why i have been off for so long to the guild. I explained my condition. Everyone was pretty supportive for about 5 minutes.

Do you know what the first question i got from my guild leader was? He asked me if i could still use vent. I told him no, but tried to assure him it wouldn’t be a problem as i usually research the fights before hand and use dbm.

He tells me that i can’t raid unless i have vent. Guild rules and all. I was pissed. After a huge blow out between us i get removed from the guild and put on ignore. Our guild wasn’t even that good. We did naxx full clear 10 man once.

After that i cried. I didn’t know what to do, who to turn to. I tried joining up with some other guilds but their response to why i can’t use vent went about the same.

So i come to the forums to not only vent my frustrations but to find others with my condition. Are there any deaf friendly raiding guilds out there? Would you be willing to take me in? How have you dealt with being deaf?

Any advice is appreciated, so long as its constructive.

Thanks for letting me blow off some steam, typing this out has helped.

TL;DR version
Got deaf, got kicked, cried.

Edit: I can’t believe the responses i have received. My brother and i have been reading all of them and i have not felt such compassion in such a long time. (And from the wow forums no less lol) Its almost to much to handle. Now don’t get me wrong, i’m 6’3 240 pounds built like a truck chef crying just isn’t something i do. lol But here i am making an exception.

My brother and i have decided to make something out of our guild. The offers have been appreciated and noted. Thank You all again for the feedback it means more than you could ever know.

Haven’t they heard of text chat? Guess they don’t know about making exceptions. Luckily there are many other guilds that have non-Vent requirements, and some that cater to the deaf.

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  • Daa

    Fcuck WoW Players

  • Hiryuushouten

    That is some bullshit people can be real assholes these days

  • VeryUpset

    Bloody typical of the sort of selfish rude and unhelpful people out thee. Being deaf doesn’t and shouldn’t exclude you from doing anything (within reason) that you want to including playing WOW.
    It’s a good job we don’t have guns in the UK, well not legally anyway, as I’d mow them mother fuckers down in a hail of bullets and piss on those still life like corpses as they slowly died. LOL !!!!!

  • Andy12

    Guilds kick for stupid reasons. I mentioned once that I was an atheist ( not even in a sort of “your god is fake” kind of way ) There was a discussion in the guild channel about how a person could possibly be moral without a religion, and myself, perhaps the nicest person of them all, at least the least judgmental, said that I didn’t have a religion and that I live my life to make others as well as myself happy so that we can enjoy the time we have on earth. I was berated by hatred from the entirety of the guild immediately after for being pure evil and trying to lure them out of their religions by saying that simple thing. I was kicked, and blacklisted on their guild webpage. They have since taken down the blacklist, but I am still on the ignore list of nearly all of them. They claimed I was kicked because it was a “family-rated guild,” which is simply ridiculous. If you’re interested, their name is The Meddlers on Shadow Council (RP), I don’t think they’re around anymore, and they shouldn’t be. They’re judgmental bigoted idiots.

  • Jctfk

    That sucks. I am a believer in God, and I would never treat a person like those treated you because of a different belief. Everybody has their own preferences, and that does not make them a bad person because of that. I have plenty of friends who are atheist and I treat them no different than any other person. People like that really bother me, and make me angry. I just hope that your experience has not left a tainted view of others that may have the same beliefs as those who treated you that way.

  • Snow

    You cant hear instruction, you are slowing down 24 other people, if ALL 24 other people agree to the added time it would take to set up fights having to manually explain where you go and what you do then hey all for it. I would like to know what this accident is that cause yoiu to lose your hearing, there is not much I can think of that would cause that and I tell you what, if it was some dumb as thing that you did to yourself that could of been avoided then I have no sympathy, but if it was some strange act of god my heard goes out to you, BUT seeing as you keep referring to it as just an accident and not explaining what it was, well that tells me you were being stupid, now you want people to feel sorry for your stupidity, sorry buddy, you get no sympathy for being stupid.

  • Blah


  • Blah

    Also, “So i came back to wow. Now I’ve been playing with my guild for about 4 years. We have all become close friends. We have even done some rl guild parties. ”

    Aparently they weren’t THAT close, or really “friends” at all, right?

  • Charlie

    not just that but if the people that weren’t the guild leader really were his “close friends”, wouldn’t they also leave the crappy 10 man naxx guild as well, when the guild leader started acting like a jack ass? inconsistancies…..

  • Bob

    Yep, sounds like a typical bunch of wow players. Just change religion to something else.

    But speaking about religion, how come every hardcore religious person I’ve met in the last 30 years of my life turns out to be more immoral than any non religious person I’ve met?

    Is it because they can just ask for forgiveness from god and they think all is forgiven and that they really will get into heaven?

    “sorry god, I didn’t mean to stab that 12 year old in the eye with my penis!”

    “it’s all good, come on in!”

  • Pandabrawler

    Something tells me that you are in the man’s (former) guild. How nice of you.

  • Bradley Wint

    LOL what? What a way to go off on him without any facts. Your ear is a pretty easy thing to damage, most likely the ear drum. A simple thing as a loud explosion could rip an ear drum apart, so don’t be the one to judge if he is stupid or not.

  • K00L5h0w

    That’s racist!

  • SnowIsGay

    lmao..youre a complete jackass and I pray to God that you not only use your hearing, but your thyroad glands catch cancer.

  • Xs

    Slowing guild down? Kick.

    Regardless of the cause that will be the response. That SHOULD be the response.

  • Xs

    “Being deaf doesn’t and shouldn’t exclude you from doing anything (within reason) that you want to including playing WOW”

    Your right. Taking 20minutes each raid to type your response does and should exclude you.

    He can still play WOW, just not with those people.

  • DamNagIt

    Why don’t they just let him stay, but continue as they were talking on Vent, organising through vent and only giving loot and experience to those who join in RAIDs. Whats that? He didn’t know? Tough luck

  • Bradley Wint

    LOL let’s not go there

  • Snow

    Since when is “deaf” a race? wow…

  • Agueast

    Oh my god how slow are you to type agian? and didn’t you read the post? he said he i could research the raid so you didn’t have to explain but i see that you just are a stupid little boy with no sense of kindness in your heart i hope you never get a girlfriend because you sure are ment to be alone!

  • Alex RedX

    I wonder if this is just a troll post. If it is not, then he is in the same boat as me. I’m not deaf, I just don’t like the EverQuest Raid Formula that WoW uses, so I unsubscribe and don’t play WoW every time I hit max level. One thing this guy, or all deaf WoW players could do, is sue Blizzard and make them make raid content better. Then I would subscribe and actually play WoW’s end game.

  • Thyunda

    Not everybody takes 20 minutes to type. How do you know the deaf guy wasn’t some super-fast touch typist? If I can do five hundred words in five minutes, no reason why he can’t, eh?
    I always figured guilds were meant to have some form of community about them. If I wanted to raid with the best of the best, I’d advertise a raid and be all “Only join party if you’re amazingly awesome.”
    Guilds are for looking after those who can’t look after themselves as well, you know.

  • Alex RedX

    I just found out we can’t delete comments.

  • JD

    This is why I don’t play WoW anymore. Too many butthurt babies that will whine at the smallest hint of someone slowing down the raid. “OH MY GOD HE CAN’T USE VENT WE CAN’T HAVE THAT!” Because yeah, typing instructions or at least having macros before important fights is so f’ing difficult… morons. Glad I don’t play with idiots like that anymore.

  • Trenton_kaine

    So wait people don’t know how to raid without vent. HAHA losers. Its called playing old school. And it’s worked for hundreds of years.

  • Alicyn Eastlack

    In our guild, we also have a deaf person that cannot use vent. Our guild is literally very laid-back and everyone gets a long most of the time. We are mature about our approach to WoW, and we remove the guildies that prove themselves to be otherwise. Our guild leader would NEVER dream of booting someone for something they cannot help. This person was born deaf, and was a damn awesome raider when we did ICC every weekend before Cata was released. There exists a thing called karma, and what these guildies did to that poor guy will get this sort of treatment right back at them somewhere down the road. They might not go deaf, but maybe they might develop some other form of impairment and others might exclude them from IRL stuff as a result. This sort of thing goes to show that most guilds are full of, and formed by, immature people that have no lives outside of WoW, which is why I went guildless for nearly 6 months until I found my current guild. We are like a family, and we help each other out. I wish I knew what server this guy was on, because I would encourage him to switch over to Bonechewer (US) realm, horde side and hit me up, in-game: zaralektra so he could join our awesome guild.

  • Alicyn Eastlack

    That’s why you should think before you type something on the internet.

  • Alex RedX

    fyi it was with regards to my reply to myself. Not the original.

  • Bradley Wint

    No need for that attitude right? Everyone makes mistakes.

  • Postmaster

    I’m sorry to say but I also wouldn’t accept a deaf person in my guild. Rule #1 is: be on vent/TS during raids. If you can’t be on voice chat (for whatever reason) then you give up your raid spot to someone who can be on comms.

    Saying things like “they seemingly never heard of text chat” is a bit of a joke if you plan on making some progress in today’s raids (which are challenging enough without having to coordinate the group via text-chat). Maybe this would have worked in Naxx (once everyone knows the – not very difficult – encounters) but in many of today’s raid situations being able to shout out a comment via voice chat is damn near essential.

  • gewyne

    You are quite possibly the dumbest person I have ever seen post on the internet. Never mind when you get ran over, involved in a car accident, lose your eye sight, hearing, legs, arms, cancer like millions of people every year do – I am sure people will show you the same compassion.

  • JD

    Dude… as someone who has been in charge of successful raiding groups before, if you have a problem with being able to type or have a macro set in place, that’s on you. I’d sooner take a deaf person into my raid who knows how to play the game rather than someone who absolutely depends on vent to know what they’re doing.

  • millie

    i think it’s a joke to say it’s hard enough doing raid without adding the text-chat because it’s there for those reasons and it’s bad enough things are more difficult for them to begin with but for us to say we’re too lazy to try to accomidate them is a joke cuz as i said before it’s hard enough as is without people being jerks cuz they want to b lazy…and those people are usually expecting fair treatment in other cercumstances when why should they get it if they can’t give it

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