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Workstation Ergonomics are just as important as OSHA

Posted by on 19/07/2011


Ergonomics, a concept that should be given the same priority and awareness as OSHA around the workplace. More emphasis should be place on ergonomics at the workstation since the majority of occupations in todays world consists of sitting for hours at a desk on the phone or typing at the computer. Not too many employers in our country show much interest in educating staff on workstation ergonomics or investing in products with same in mind, which is funny since ergonomics by definition –

is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements of a system, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data and methods to design in order to optimize human well-being and overall system performanceWikipedia

Who wouldn’t want some optimized human well-being with a side of overall system performance in their company? However the blame cannot be completely thrown on management for the neglect of this most crucial concept that can possible save you a lot of chiropractor visits, help them yearn more profits and avoid a nasty OSHA fine. It is in your best interest to adjust your posture and the physical composition of your workspace  to ensure your well being and productivity. The basic workspace will consist of a Desk, Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor and Chair. The following are some illustrations of the correct ways to organize and interact with your workspace.






If you notice they’re very old  so you’d think it’d  be common knowledge by now, unfortunately this isn’t the case since most of you actually look more like this .

Now I’m sure alot of you are saying that its a nice idea but you can’t expect to stay in that exact position for the entire day. Truth is your not supposed to. Sitting  for long periods of  time can cause alot of stiffness around your neck , shoulders and back. You need to get up every hour or so and stretch. Here’s a decent diagram with some stretches you can do real quick around the office without looking like a complete loony.

[Images 1-7] [Image 8] [Image 9]


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