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Worker Fired after dropping F-Bomb via Chrysler Twitter account

Posted by Bradley Wint on 11/03/2011

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Chrysler will end its contract with New Media Strategies, its online social PR agency after one of the agency’s employees dropped the F-Bomb via a Tweet on the official Chrysler Twitter page. As a result, that said employee will now be on the breadline for his “honesty”.

On Wednesday, the worker posted a tweet saying “I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to (insert expletive here) drive.” Car fans across the globe quickly made a deal of it and it was removed from the page shortly after. Chrysler is now working with the agency until they officially name a new PR firm to handle online social media.

New Media Strategies’ CEO, Pete Snyder, posted an official apology regarding the situation saying:

New Media Strategies regrets this unfortunate incident.  It certainly doesn’t accurately reflect the overall high-quality work we have produced for Chrysler.  We respect their decision and will work with them to ensure an effective transition of this business going forward.

Hopefully Chrysler does not run into another whackadoodle like that guy.


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