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Why 9 of 10 start up blogs fail

Posted by Bradley Wint on 16/02/2011

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So you want to make money online? Most have chosen to go with blogging because it requires very little start up capital and effort. While the start of this wonderful journey may seem exciting and intriguing, many start to lose interest maybe due to frustration of not getting the traffic they wanted or just don’t have enough original content to talk about OR just lost complete interest in the topic they write about.

So here are some of the reasons why blogs fail and suggestions to avoid such predicaments.

Focusing on the Wrong Things

A lot of site owners sometimes get distracted by trying to improve the features or design of their site, hopefully in the efforts of making the site experience better for users. Unfortunately many owners spend most of the day fixing and optimizing servers, constantly redesigning their site so it could win the design awards and adding many modules and features to keep viewers on board.

All this is good and well, but many spend so much time improving the back end systems, that they forget to actually write content for their users to read. At the end of the day, most first time users come via a referral link or search engine results page. Unless your site is very popular, most people won’t bother telling others to visit the home page of a website, and first time readers come with the intention of reading something, not trying out additional features.

There are a couple options which bloggers can take to avoid this problem.

Hire Help – Get someone to handle the tech aspect of your site, whether it be handling upgrades, adding features and improving the HTML.

Design all first and then write – Rather than trying to make constant changes over a short space of time, do everything possible before launching your website. Test out new plugins, see how designs look and make any changes before launch day, so when you get down to writing, significant time isn’t wasted with back end work. Also, design your site in such a way to allow for easy improvements along the blogging journey.


Users like sites where they can come back day after day to read new stories. If a user get hooked on a certain field of coverage on a particular site, they may bookmark the page and come back the next day and the day after to read new stories, hoping to get some more interesting news. However many bloggers fail to write on a consistent basis. They may write once every 10 days, and with such limited content coming in sporadically, most viewers are easily going to head to another alternate site with more consistency.

Combating the problem is not easy if bloggers don’t have time due to other conflicting problems such as their day job, family life and what not. However, starting off with one or two posts per day is good enough. Once you can get those promoted around the web, a couple users will stick around and you should see the benefits (financially and traffic-wise).

Bloggers should also consider hiring writers to help build content on a daily basis. Imagine having a site (one owner and two writers) each of them writing 2 posts per day. That’s an easy 6 posts total per day, and with the right marketing, those hits should roll in pretty easy.

Like for your topic of coverage?

While trolling the SEO hell hole otherwise known as Digital Points, I always see posts where users ask how they can easily make money on the web, with most recommendations being in the technology, weight-loss or financial arena. However, many come back complaining of their blogs failing.

The truth is that you should go in liking what you do and then make money of it after rather than the other way around. Even though financial and weight-loss blogs have a lot of potential for revenue, I personally could never see myself doing it as a blog. Even though I may have the understanding of the mentioned topics, it would be difficult to wake up every morning and write about a topic I hate.

Every man for himself

One of the biggest problems occurs when every single blogger feels he has to open his own site to maybe come above the top blogs like Engadget, Mashable and so on. Obviously I am not against those wishing to open their own blog, but there are some writers who just don’t have the best skills to market their blog, but may have excellent writing skills.

My recommendation would be to team up with someone else, maybe to co-found and co-manage a blog so the efforts are combined. In life, not everyone is meant to be a manager BUT they can use their writing skills to demand top bucks from the bigger publishers.

All in all, make sure you like what you do. Even if the product is in a tiny niche, you’d still give out your best when writing stories, and all the love will pass on to your marketing efforts as well.

Hope these tips help.

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  • Andy @ FirstFound

    Consistency is the killer. Too often, they’ll have an initial burst of good quality, regular posts. And then slowly and surely, it’ll all tail off, and you see haphazard posts that people aren’t really interested in reading.

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