Hey guys, just wanted to update you all on what’s going on. I know the forums have been quite dead lately, but it’s simply because we don’t have enough people on board yet. As it is, most of our forum traffic comes from readers, but the goal really would be to convert readers to posters. For those already on board, keep on posting and making new threads to fill the various sub forums. While it may sound smart to start small, I rather have the layout set up from the start so we don’t run into classifications issues later on. Also if you have techies as friends, tell them to pass by and post some stuff. 😛

Here are some other features coming to BlogTechnical.
  • How-To for Technology – We are working on a new site dedicated to How-To guides for the tech community. While there are large sites like eHow and WikiAnswers, those sites cover just the basic needs to tech. Over the years, I’ve had to real formal training when it came to IT, and even taught myself how to set up a webserver from tutorial guides. However it’s always hard finding the right guide and with tech being so complicated, generic sites rarely cover such content. Our site will cover from the ground up, such as how to dump your IP address, reformat a PC, format a flash drive; to technical topics such as setting up servers, configuring a network or building a custom computer. While the content initially will come from us, we will eventually switch to a user-based submission model where contributors will get a decent cash return for approved tutorials. While we don’t expect the site to be huge like eHow, we still hope it gets enough recognition among the tech community and for those who need it. The site is expect to be up some time early September on a new domain.
  • Free Job Submissions until 1st February 2012 – To get our job board going, we have decided to allow anyone to post tech related jobs at no cost at all. This offer will last until the end of January 2012.
That’s it for now.