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Want to Avoid Parking Tickets – There’s an app for that!

Posted by on 25/07/2011


Citizens in Washington DC (US) and in the near future other states are enjoying the new mobile application by Australian owned company Parkmobile. This latest innovation allows you to monitor and top up your parking meter from your smart phone!

If you live in the US or watch any movies that take place within the city you are aware of the issues citizens that do business within the metropolitan areas  have with regards to parking and by extension parking tickets. You’re most likely going to find an empty parking space about 3 blocks away from your destination and burdened with constantly monitoring the elapsed time from topping up the parking meter. If you don’t you’re likely to find a love note from the local meter maid.

Thanks to this new application available for the Iphone, Blackberry, Android and other phones via web browser, theres no need to lose your place in that long line in the bank dashing off to top up your parking meter anymore. You will be prompted when your time is running low and allowed to top up from your phone directly via credit card.

Heres how it works:

Step One:  Register with credit card information and download the mobile application via the website here

Step Two: Pull into a park-mobile parking space- Look for the green sign

Step Three:  Go about your business and you will receive notification via text message when your parking session is below 15 minutes (or desired time). Top up more time if needed.

Currently in  Washington DC costs of this service is 35cents which is charged every time you use the service (per hr) which isn’t bad compared to normal rates of about $3.00 per hr.

Further to this development using, curbside sensors there is the possibility of an application to actually locate empty parking spaces nearest to you.  Additionally there has been some other assumptions of negative secondary application of this development, for example:

  • Meter maids being aided by this software to quickly locate parking offenders- which would be a nightmare for people in areas with eager meter maids, or even meter maids becoming obsolete and replaced by an automated billing system-much like the traffic cameras that mail you pictures of yourself breaking the lights.
  • Risk of invasion or abuse of private information. Although the company has a very strong privacy claim on all its data , if there system were to be compromised by trolls looking to find information on any one they would be able to track your every move and identify your daily patterns etc.

I think this new idea will revolutionize the parking system, making working and domestic life in the big cities a little more bearable and there may be a lot of secondary applications of the idea especially within the capacity of law enforcement that will surely outweigh  the few negative assumptions that some paranoid individuals may come up with. I myself would have definitely added this to my list of staple apps by now if I were in US or would be routinely checking  their site to find out when it was available in my area.

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