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Trade in Black Ops for free copy of Killzone 3 (Canada)

Posted by Bradley Wint on 04/02/2011

If you happen to live in Canada, are a PS3 owner and have a physical copy of Call of Doody: Black Ops, there is now a limited opportunity to trade it in for a copy of Killzone 3 for free. You actually even get one cent on the whole deal.

Currently EB Games/GameStop is willing to accept Black Ops for a trade-in value of $40.00. Coincidentally there is an offer going on at the store offering 50% more on the trade-in when you pre-order new games, which brings its value up to $60.00. Since Killzone 3 is on sale for $59.99, go ahead and pre-order it and also demand your one cent LIKE A BOSS.

Sounds like a joke? Many members have confirmed the trick works, so head over now before you miss your chance on a free and awesome game. Check out the website for details.

Thanks RedFlagDeals.

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