The Perfect Racing Game Set Ups

by: Bradley Wint on May 22nd, 2010 at 4:28 pm


With a few hot racers coming up in 2010 and 2011, it may be time to go from shifting with your A and Z keys to using a more realistic simulator. If you’re looking forward to games like Gran Turismo 5, F1 2010, rFactor 2, or just want to play some other great titles, using your keyboard or controller won’t let you experience it in the way you should. Here are some cool set ups, some of which you can purchase.

GT5P Pod

Even though this unit was given as a prize to the winner of the GT5 Prologue Middle East Challenge, it’s still a very decent setup for any die hard Gran Turismo fan. With a solid mix of metal alloys and glass, this unit houses a racing bucket seat as placement for a steering wheel, pedals, shifter, gaming unit (PS3 or PC) and a bracket for a big screen television. The only sad this was that there were no mounts for speakers, so you’d have to spent some cash to get a decent surround sound system.

This unit itself costs about $15,000, which is a big dip in anyone’s pockets, so let’s just hope that there are more Polyphony Challenges in the future.

VisionRacer VR3

VisionRacer has developed a very cost affordable cockpit for the hardcore racing game owner. It features a comfy bucket styled chair and a very solid stainless steel frame. There are mounts for pedals, the gear shifter, LCD screen TV and steering wheel. This system is designed to work with the Logitech G27 kit in collaboration with either a PS3 or PC. They state that a Dolby 2.1 or 5.1 Surround Sound speakers can be used, but there are no visual mounts, so you may have to get some separate stands for the speakers. It is priced cheaply, because you have to purchase all the electronic accessories separately. Not an issue though.

Virtual Racer X Mach 3 and 4

The VRX Mach 3 and Mach 4 systems offer a very complete and realistic set up. It’s basically everything in one. When you buy one of these units, you get everything. The chair has a more regular sports car design to it rather than the full out racing bucket shape. It is however mounted on spring support, which sits on a solid footed frame holding the rest of the unit together. The chair is also has an adjustable back rest for more comfort. All the Mach 3 systems come with 3 Samsung 24 inch HD LCD flat screen TVs, angled to give you a wide screen dashboard experience. The sound system delivers 3400 watts of power through a Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound system. You can even see the rear mounted speakers on the top of the seat.

You also get a Logitech G25 (or G27) force feedback steering wheel (PS3 or PC) or a Microsoft steering wheel for Xbox models. If you choose to get the Xbox version of the Mach 3, you will also get 3 Xbox 360 units and 3 copies of Forza Motorsport 3. There are a variety of models to choose from, but at a very hefty price (because everything is included). They are introducing the VRX iMotion model, which uses D-BOX motion control to bring more realistic motion control throughout the entire unit, so when you brake hard into corners, the unit goes forward to match.

The Stripper

Looking for a cheaper alternative? Say hello to the Stripper. It’s not as pretty as the VisionRacer but has a mounted adjustable seat (with optional leather covering) and a mount for the steering wheel and foot pedals. The Logitech, Fanatec and Microsoft wheels and pedals can work on this unit. It does not look as strong as the ones above though, with lots more screws and bolts holding things together. It goes for about $660.00. You can get a number of additions so items can be mounted onto the unit itself, but it would cost more. This seems better for someone who already has their TV, gaming system and audio pre-mounted in the living room. This can fit in as an addition to add to the experience.

There are a number of other cheaper alternatives out there, so you can mix and match to suit your budget.


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