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The Bermuda Triangle: Steals your plane or load of crap?

Posted by on 08/02/2011


As a little kid, I always heard stories about the Bermuda Triangle sucking airplanes and ships into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. When I grew older, I learnt that there was no black hole or whirlpool where ships dropped off the face off the earth. However, I believed for a very long time that magnetic irregularities caused ships to get lost within the tiny triangular area, maybe because they spun around in circles trying to find their way out.

There have been many stories, including the popular tale of Flight 19 disappearing without a trace. They even concluded that the members on the Flight 19 fleet headed of the Mars. Obviously a lack of knowledge and poor judgment combined with hoaxes and fairy tales caused the Triangle to get a name which it didn’t deserve.

In reality, the Bermuda Triangle is one of the most trafficked shipping lanes in the world, and a significant number of US flights heading to the Caribbean and eastern parts of  South America fly over the area on a daily basis.

Compass Navigation

One of the biggest myths was the talk of compasses going hay-wired when used in the Bermuda Triangle. I’ve read so many (bogus) stories and logs of compasses spinning out of control, basically killing all sense of direction. The truth of the fact is that the magnetic north may not lie dead on with the Earth’s geographic north. Also, with most modern aircraft and ships using Satellite GPS to navigate, compass directions are just a back-up instrument in times of trouble. However, it should be noted that there were never any major problems with the magnetic north position in the triangle. With regards to Flight 19, further analysis proved that no mention was made of bearing problems.

Bad Weather

Early reports have also indicated that so-called storms gobbled up planes into thin air. With no sophisticated tracking or monitoring equipment, all accounts would be based on visual or radio confirmation. If a plane headed into a severe weather system and lost flight due, it would be hard to tell exactly what happened because the plane could fall out of the sky and crash for many reasons. However, if no facts were presented to back up the crash, many people back then could have easily gone on the assumption that a storm sucked the plane out of thin air.

There have been many instances of very unusual weather in the area including water spouts, hurricanes, the Gulf Stream ocean current effect and methane hydrates. All of which would hamper ship or airplane operations. Those natural occurrences are less problematic now because vessels could either handle such conditions or just avoid them all together, via warnings from control centers and weather reports. Flight 19 may have gone down due to extremely poor weather conditions.


No I am not talking about online music piracy, but rather piracy on the high seas (Jack Sparrow kinda’ stuff). It is still common for shipped to be looted but in the olden days when communication was more underdeveloped, ships being raided or destroyed could have come across as vanishing into thin air. In the World War II era, the USS Cyclops disappeared without a trace, and with no wreckage found till this day, it may have been destroyed by enemy submarines in the area. Another theory is that it may have broken apart due to its structure succumbing to the excess weight it carried on its last journey to sea. However it is clear that no secret whirlpool or time portal took it to another dimension or space.

All in all, the hype of the Bermuda Triangle is nothing more that judgments based on sketchy evidence along with media hype and propaganda.



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