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Thread: Favourite Retro Games

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    Favourite Retro Games

    Ive been playing games since i was 3. Im 24 now so obviously i started in the nes era. But i did have great experiences on the old 626 floppy drive computers. As retro as i can remember these are some of my favourites.

    The original gauntlet on pc which was very similar to the NES release.

    Original Test Drive

    Where in the world is carmen san diego (what an awesome game)

    Those are just a small few, i dont want to name them all otherwise knowone will have anything to post. If someone doesnt post wonder boy or alex kid im going to die lol.

    What are your favourite retro games that bring nostalgia every time you hear their name?
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    Well now you have to ask what’s considered retro hehe, with all the time passing by. Some of my favourites were not that old since I only got a PC in 2000. It came with a CD full of free demos like…

    Terminal Velocity



    I even remember that Hell place after the game came to an end.

    Duke Nukem

    …and a few others. I loved games of the olden days, so simple yet so much fun.

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    hell yeah thats still retro, loved those games never played terminal velocity. I consider anything below last gen to be retro. ps1 and xbox downwards if that nakes sense lol.

    Duke nukem was a classic aswell

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