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Thread: Qld Flood crisis in Australia

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    Qld Flood crisis in Australia

    12 dead and 67 missing at the moment. Worst floods since 1974 and this time its worse.

    Checkout some pics here


    Not a good time for Aus at the moment. The irony is terrible as 2 years ago over 100 people died from fires.

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    Do you live there?

    A situation like this is bound to happen. With those extensive forest fires, there are barely any trees to control the water flow, and floods would result. A similar situation happened where I live. There were crazy forest fires for about two to three months straight and then the rains came, and within 5 minutes, areas started to flood. It never happened before… mostly due to the burnt out hill sides.

    I saw this vid some time ago…crazy stuff

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    Nah i live in victoria to the south but im in the middle where its relatively safe. Yeah the lack of forest would be contributing towards the rapid floods. Queensland is very tropical and sometimes after a massive buildup the terrential rain lasts sometimes even months.

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