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See what real birds Tweet about

Posted by Bradley Wint on 23/04/2011

With all the talk about Twitter and Tweets, have you ever wondered what real birds would tweet about if they had a chance? Latvian’s bird lover Valdemars Dudums took the time to device an experiment that would allow real life birds to tweet messages to their very own Twitter account.

Birds tweeting tweets? Well it’s not that simple. Dudums set up a keyboard on his window sill and place pork fat on each key, and when birds fought for a space, they would eventually peck on the keys causing random pieces of text to be generated. Those short messages are then tweeted via the @hungry_birds Twitter account. Even though the experiment is shut down for the moment, he has intentions of resuming his venture in November.

Some of the messages have been quite humorous with a couple human expressions coming into the picture such as “lolololol”, “wowowow”, “papa” and “wowowow”.

This bird below clearly was laughing at something there.

Hungry Birds

and this guy seems to taunting his fellow Starcraft players with the popular “QQ” phrase.

,aaaqqqqqqqqaqaqqqqqqqqqqqqqppqqqpqqqqqpqpqqqqqqqqqqqnqqnnqnnqnqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqQQQQQqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqQ.Q.QQQQQQQQQQQQ.QQQQ #irLV
Hungry Birds

Check out more at the Birds on Twitter website.


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