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HP webOS/Videos site hacked?


It seems someone is mad that webOS won’t be making the cut anymore. Folks checking out videos on the HP TouchPad website are greeting by an Indian MBA citizen willing…

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Job Market: Part Time Writer at BlogTechnical

BlogTechnical is looking for part-time writers who wish to put their journalism skills to work in the technology sector. BlogTechnical covers the latest happenings in the tech world, focusing on topic

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AOL Mailserver hacked, silly passwords still in use


AOL’s mail servers have been hacked, with vital database information being exposed via the page’s source code. While the hack may not be apparent on the Webmail page, the Postmaster…

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Anonymous not in support of Facebook takedown

It seems there is obvious disagreement among the Anonymous clan. This comes after AnonOps and GroupAnon both stated that they are not partaking in the November 5th attack on Facebook….

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Anonymous takes down Syrian Ministry of Defense website

Anonymous has reportedly struck again, taking down the Syrian Ministry of Defense website, in support of the ongoing war between the people of Syria and the Bashar Al-Assad regime. The…

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Over 35 million South Korean Internet users allegedly hacked by Chinese

The Korea Communications Commission has officially reported that over 35 million Internet users in South Korea had critical data stolen from them, including social security numbers and email addresses.  The…

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FBI arrest 16 Anonymous members, 14 of which were involved in PayPal cyber attacks

Fourteen individuals were arrested earlier this week in a series of raids conducted by the FBI, in conjunction with the recent cyber attacks carried out on the popular e-commerce business…

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Microsoft offering $250k for info about Rustock Botnet

Looking to make some serious cash? Maybe you could put that knowledge you have about the Rustock botnet to use. Microsoft is continuing the fight against cyber spam, this time…

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Barack Obama is dead, according to hacked Fox News Twitter account

If Fox News’ manipulated stories were not enough for you, how about several tweets coming from their Politics Twitter feed claiming President Barack Obama was assassinated. Luckily for them, the…

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Florida Voting Database hacked and details posted online

Details of the Florida voting database have been posted online, after a hacker by the alias of abhaxas took claim to breaking into the database and dumping the files online….

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Lulzsec hack UK Census and US Senate, plan on releasing data

Lulzsec is at it again, this time claiming to have hacked into the entire United Kingdom’s Census database, as well as the US Senate’s website. They continue to hack on…

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Romanian hacker Tinkode is at it again, this time claiming to have breached an FTP server hosted at the NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. He posted a screen capture of…

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Square Enix website hacked

The hacking fun continues as Eidos’ Montreal website succumbed to the faith of Internet terrorists. After post-analysis, Square Enix confirmed that over 25,000 email addresses were stolen as well as…

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David Guetta hires ex-Pentagon agent after new single stolen

David Guetta has hired an ex-Pentagon agent to investigate the theft of a his new single entitled “Where Them Girls At”. The song was released earlier this week via the…

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