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New Survey says teenagers on social networks more likely to smoke, drink and do drugs


According to a survey by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, teenagers who use social networking websites are more likely to smoke, drink and do…

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Job Market: Part Time Writer at BlogTechnical

BlogTechnical is looking for part-time writers who wish to put their journalism skills to work in the technology sector. BlogTechnical covers the latest happenings in the tech world, focusing on topic

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3D Printed Plane takes flight

3D printing is catching on, this time in the form of an airplane that actually flies. The SULSA (Southampton University Laser Sintered Aircraft) is an unmanned aircraft, that was printed…

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First successful Synthetic Windpipe Transplant surgery conducted

A new medical milestone occurred today after Professor Paolo Macchiarini successfully performed the first synthetic windpipe transplant, giving a 36 year-old patient a second chance at breathing naturally. The synthetic…

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China developing powerful rocket for Moon expedition

China has started developing plans for a very powerful rocket to carry a crew of astronauts into space for a moon landing and for deep space exploration. It is expected…

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Enjoying Discovery’s last flight [Pics]

Here are some high def pics from the STS-133 mission is now docked at the International Space Station. It’s a memorable occasion because it’s the 39th and final flight for…

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Ready for Space Beer? Better get your space suit first

4 Pines Brewing Company is now testing a full bodied stout directly geared for tourists headed off to destinations just outside Earth’s atmosphere (space tourists). Like any other space food,…

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Goodbye Cell Towers?

For a few of us out there, we have to deal with the ugly sight of a cellular tower somewhere close to a neighbourhood or in a business area. Some…

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IBM’s supercomputer “Watson” competes on Jeopardy, ties for top spot (1st night)

Earlier tonight, IBM’s supercomputer “Watson” went head to head against Jeopardy’s two top players in history, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. The system that has been in the making for…

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The Bermuda Triangle: Steals your plane or load of crap?

As a little kid, I always heard stories about the Bermuda Triangle sucking airplanes and ships into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. When I grew older, I learnt that…

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Robot Waiters? Hell Yes!

Have you ever had those days when a waiter has given you bad service or maybe NO service at all? Thanks to these Chinese robotic waiters, this may never have…

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BMW burns logo into people’s eyes

my c

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California Molten Salt Solar Energy project gets approval to operate

SolarReserve recently got approval to get their Rice Solar Energy Project going. In essence, this solar farm is just like a regular field of heliostats directing light to the central…

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Printable Semiconductors are coming soon

Imagine being able to repair a burnt out transistor in your calculator or baking oven yourself? Rather than having to purchase an entire new board component, you’d be able to…

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