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Croatian cafe ditches free newspapers for iPads

Posted by Bradley Wint on 14/01/2011

The Box coffee shop in Split, Croatia has upgraded their policy of offering free newspapers by offering iPad usage instead. Since today’s users are catching up on the latest news via the web, they decided to ditch the old physical paper for something more convenient.

Since the iPad is pretty light and easy to read and scroll, coffee-goers can now get their news on these in house iPads. This is obviously a great idea since it saves on paper being thrown away every day and is geared to the more tech savvy folks of today.

Don’t get too happy though. These iPads have security feature that alert the staff if the device is taken too far away from the coffee table. Unless you’re Usain Bolt, it would be best not to steal these.

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  • Jasminka Griffin

    Split is actually in Croatia, guys !!!

  • Bradley Wint

    Thanks for that… my error

  • Jasminka Griffin

    Thanks, Bradley for your prompt action!

  • Bo

    Šta napisali bili?

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