RLSLOG site removed by hosts after Universal Music complaint

by: Bradley Wint on April 27th, 2010 at 6:37 am


Another warez link sharing site has been pulled of the net. This time RLSLOG is in the spotlight. The site was a big provider of the latest movies, music and cracked software, where the admins constantly searched the net for the newest releases. The links were however hosted on external sites like Hotfile, Rapidshare and via torrents as well, making them somewhat legal. However, Universal Music Group filed a complaint to this web hosts based in Germany, and the site was gone without notice.

RLSLOG.net was suspended by its German hosting company after removal request from law firm representing Universal Music, although we never hosted any files or copyrighted data on our server. Our site is strictly informative.

We found a new host and moved our site, but it wasn’t powerful enough to handle the site.

We should be back tomorrow on more powerful server.

At the moment, the hosts are working on heading to a safer haven (most likely offshore hosting). From a legal point of view, it seems that their argument of linking to files on an informative basis does not qualify as being legal. Because they point to files of illegal nature, it makes them somewhat liable and because the admins are the ones posting the links rather than users, they may be in more trouble than they expect.

However this isn’t stopping them. They have opened up forums already and links still exist there, so it may be days before the site goes back online. Let’s see how the authorities react then.


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