Reddit grabs up Digg users, tripled page views within 1 year

by Bradley Wint on January 4th 2011 at 8:06PM

Yes, Reddit has become the king of Social News. With their latest release of statistical joy, they have pretty much tripled their pageviews within a one year time frame.

In January 2010, they had 250 million page views, and by December that same year, the number jumped to 829 million page views. The obvious reason was due to Digg’s failed version 4 upgrade. With Digg now being a social ghost town, Reddit is heading higher up the charts. They have also improved their back end resources by going from 80 collocated servers  to 119. Storage space tripled from 16TB to 48TB and RAM was boosted from 424GB to 1214GB.  Users have also been spending 20% more time on the site than before.

The site’s popularity even showed many times when Cassandra couldn’t handle the load and redirecting viewers to heavy traffic pages.

Reddit has become a love/hate type of site, because they do accomplish good deeds such as finding missing people, highlighting human injustices and much more, but on the bad side, it’s sometimes hard to have an opposing viewpoint without being harshly criticized. Also, the site has been ravaged by humor and Internet meme jokes, with a few real stories interspersed here and there. Nonetheless, they are a growing force.

The real question is, who will become the next king? Will anyone else dare to enter the general social arena or just stick to niche markets.


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