Printable Semiconductors are coming soon

by Bradley Wint on December 15th 2010 at 3:26PM

Imagine being able to repair a burnt out transistor in your calculator or baking oven yourself? Rather than having to purchase an entire new board component, you’d be able to print out a transistor to whatever specs and replace the burnt out one on your current board.

The technology for such a possibility is now in the works. A man by the name of Mr. Kim has presented their new concept CNC printer which can actually print basic types of transistors with the combination of his Unicorn style plotter and special types of inks and materials such as gold, polyacetylene, silicon dioxide and others. It seems that anyone can try it out, because he has listed instructions on his site, but they are said to still be in the experimental stage.

For now, it’s only able to print really basic types of transistors but there is great potential in this. The technology could obviously be improved over the years to produce much smaller chips and transistors  for use in larger organizations. They could use it to quickly replace burnt out circuitry components rather than having to replace entire units. Also, the technology could be made on a consumer level scale for home use. This means the middlemen who produce transistors would no longer serve a purpose, because the task would be taken to the company or home level.

Below is a sample of the drawing of one of the patterns and above is the final product of the whole cycle documented on Mr. Kim’s website.

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