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Panasonic soon to release 100GB BDXL Rewritable Blu-ray Disc

Posted by Bradley Wint on 06/04/2011

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Panasonic has announced that it will release a 100GB rewritable single-sided three-layer Blu-ray disc, that will be compatible with the Rewritable Format Blu-ray Disc burners, on the 15th of April 2011 in Japan.

As digital media becomes much more advanced, higher storage capabilities are becoming a reality, and with discs having more than one layers of potential storage, they are able to fit more data onto the same physically shaped discs that once held a maximum of 700MB of data (CD-RW). So far the discs are only fully supported by BDXL Part1 Version3 burners, and only Panasonic, Pioneer and Buffalo have compatible burners for the job.

They claim that the disc can hold about 12 hours of a 17MB HD stream of television, while it can hold about 8.4 hours of a 24MB stream of HD. While they did explain alot about the fancy triple layer technology, it is still yet to be seen whether 100GB was actually achieved. *coughs out 118 dollars for the purchase*.

It is priced about 10,000 yen, which is about US $117-118, so it may still be some time before the discs become popular in the mainstream tech market.

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