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Osama Bin Laden Facebook Page blows up in aftermath of death announcement

Posted by on 02/05/2011


After just a few hours, the Osama Bin Laden is DEAD Facebook Page has shot up to over 229k+ users. This comes in the aftermath of Barack Obama’s official speech announcing Osama Bin Laden’s death.

Even though the page was created long before this event by conspiracy theorists, it has only now gotten the attention they may have wanted for a long time. In the 5 minutes of writing this post, over 6000 members joined the group to promote their own Osama Bin Laden pages, as well as discuss the events behind the US announcement of Osama Bin Laden’s death.

This proves once again how effective social media has become, with information spreading so quickly via the Interwebs. I myself found out about the announcement via Facebook, and sites like Huffington Post, BBC and Twitter were on the rage (and still are). HuffPost for instance got over 57k Facebook likes in just 2 hours, Reddit’s front page is not littered with stories about his killing and Twitter’s obvious trending topic is #osama. Social Media definitely does its job at delivering news quite rapidly, and while many of us still turn to a television set for more details, many are now heading online and watching live streams rather than looking at a traditional television (good luck with those traffic spikes ISPs).

  • Davido

    eh? is he really dead!? WHEN?

  • Derangedshaman

    Reports suggest he was killed last week.

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