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Oh Drugs Scam sites, Imageshack can play your games too!

Posted by Bradley Wint on 13/02/2011

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In an attempt to combat spam on the ImageShack servers, the owners took a rather ingenious step to countering image spam.

It seems a number of pharmacy scam sites were hosting images on the ImageShack servers and this in itself is against their rules, but usually ImageShack staff don’t remove images unless notified. Can we blame them for not being active enough about it? Hell no. The plethora of images hosted daily is just too much to filter. Anyway, someone reported it and ImageShack found a couple hundred images being hosted and linked to on the scam sites. These phishing sites use ImageShack and other hosts to reduce bandwidth usage in their own servers, because I am pretty sure they don’t make enough money to buy decent servers to deal with the amount of traffic they get.

ImageShack decided that removing the images would simply be too boring, so they replaced those fancy marketing pics and replaced it with the one seen at the top of this post. This is maybe the second time I’ve seen it done. The other instance occurred when a religious based site hotlinked images from someone’s DeviantArt account, and when the owner found out, he replaced them with images dealing with total support for gays.

Gentlemen, hats off to you for helping to prevent scams.


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