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No CoD doesn’t mean no Modern Warfare 3 [Updated]

Posted by Bradley Wint on 26/02/2011

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**Update #2**

Well throw all the rumors out the window. It seems this project has nothing to do with Activision, Infinity Ward or Respawn. It has nothing to do with a video game at all, but rather is a fan based project being done by the We Can Pretend group, based in Toronto, Canada.

*cues tears, boo-es and disappointment*

More via Geoff


It seems that the is in no way indicative of a new Call of Duty announcement next week. However it doesn’t seem to be the end of the tale.

According to both Activision and industry analyst (GT TV Owner) Geoff Keighley, it seems to be a complete hoax.

I’m looking into this some more. Maybe it’s a publicity stunt by EA for Battlefield or another publisher? Anyone know more?
Geoff Keighley
“Let me be clear we are not revealing yet. Anything indicating otherwise is a hoax.” – Activision Spokesperson
Geoff Keighley
Expecting a Call of Duty reveal next week? Spoke to Activision and they want to make very clear it’s not happening next week.
Geoff Keighley

So how does this explain the teaser website and bloodied dog tags? Here are some possible alternatives.

Modern Warfare being developed independently

Since Activision does not own Respawn Entertainment/Infinity Ward or the rights to the “Modern Warfare” name, it is possible that Respawn can be developing the game on their own using the Modern Warfare title as the game’s main brand, rather than under the usual Call of Duty brand. Also, why would a secret company send out dog tags for the fun of it?

Finally, when we did a DNS record look up on the domain, it seems to be hosted by a smaller hosting company called Media Template, which is not used by major corporations for hosting promotional websites. .

Even if Activision decided to hide the DNS information, they would have still used their servers, and none of the information even remotely points towards an Activision managed server. Since Activision servers are based in Santa Monica, California, this seems to be different because these servers reside in Culver City, California.


Also, we just noticed that Infinity Ward posted jobs on their LinkedIn profile relating to video game design some 22 days ago.


It may be possible that Geoff and Activision are having a laugh at us for believing that the site had anything to do with the launch of the next Call of Doody’s campaign.

However we are sticking with our first guess.

So what do guys think? Real or fake?

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  • The4thdoor

    Umm…check your facts. Activision does in fact own infinity ward which , in turn, owns the Modern Warfare name. So if there is anything indicating Modern Warfare in any way then it would be linked to Activision not Respawn, which is an entirely different company.

  • Bradley Wint

    Can you explain the rest of it though? Why someone would set up a site and send out dog tags? Also, yea IW owns the name but it’s been in dispute for the longest while, so I doubt Activision would just shelling out a new game without resolving that issue first. at the end of the day, the game doesn’t necessarily have to use the MW title. This is all just guess work.

  • HO

    Hmmm….MW3…no Activision….count me in! :)

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