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Nexus One gets Froyo security update (2.2.2)

Posted by Bradley Wint on 24/01/2011

Google has released an OTA (over the air) security upgrade for Nexus One owners, bringing it to version 2.2.2 and device build FRG83G. The patch doesn’t do much visually but just plugs some holes here and there.

With regards to Gingerbread coming to the N1, there is still no word other than “coming in a few weeks.” The Nexus S has also received a patch upgrading it to 2.3.2 but obviously Nexus S owners already enjoy the Gingerbread OS, so it’s not a huge deal. The fixes apparently cure the SMS problem experienced on the Nexus One and Nexus S where SMS messages were sent to wrong recipients if a notification popped up which a user composed a message.

Anyway, keep up to date and get the patch. Haven’t gotten it yet via OTA, well here is the file.

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