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New Facebook Pages are here, and here is what’s new

Posted by Bradley Wint on 11/02/2011

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Facebook has gone the next step by allowing Fan Page owners to upgrade to a new theme similar to the new personal profile layout recently released. There are also a number of new features which make controlling and promoting Pages much easier.

New Looks

As mentioned, the layout has been completely mixed up to suit the theme of personal profiles. Rather than having that Page appearance, they have made it to look more like a profile with the tabs heading to the left hand menu, with admin listings and liked Pages also being displayed just below the links mentioned above. The photo stream has also been stuck just above the wall to bring more awareness to recently added photos.

Use Facebook in Page role

One of the greatest features is allowing users to control their page like if they were controlling their personal profile. This is a really nice option for those who manage Pages attached to big named organizations and may be partially or totally in charge of PR via Facebook. When you head over to the Page, in the right hand column where the Admin panel is now located, by simply clicking “Use Facebook as (Your Page Name)”, your whole account transforms into Page mode where new fans liking your page show up where Friend Requests would be (just for notification sakes) and all comments by fans show up as notifications allowing you to better respond to your audience’s feedback on statuses, photos, likes and much more.

On the home page side of things, users get their own Page news feed which shows all the posts by your own Page as well as other pages you have liked in Page mode. This means you customize a news feed for both you and the other admins to say, maybe if you don’t want to clutter your personal news feed. Also, all the tabs that would normally appear at the top of your page now appear on the left hand side on the home page feed. Liked pages also show up in the left hand column to the bottom.

Don’t worry! You can easily switch back and forth between your Page and personal profiles with one click.

Featured Admins

In the left column, if you wish to highlight the administrators of the account, you can choose to display who ever you wish, whether it be all or some of them.

Fan/Page Post Filter

This isn’t exactly a new feature but a more compressed version of the old option. Basically you now can select whether you want Fan and Page posts to appear on the page or just limit it to page posts. I am not 1o0% sure whether this option allows fan comments on Pages to be shown on people’s news feeds as well.

There have also been some minor changing inside the Page admin panel, such as selecting who the featured admins are, editing who’s posts get displayed on the wall among other minor things.

Overall it is a good step and should make the experience better for both the administrator and fans.

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