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Posted by on 18/05/2011


Romanian hacker Tinkode is at it again, this time claiming to have breached an FTP server hosted at the NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

He posted a screen capture of a directory listing of the FTP directory on his blog, and it appears that it is part of their SERVIR program which “integrates satellite observations, ground-based data and forecast models to monitor and forecast environmental changes and to improve response to natural disasters.” It is unclear as to what those directories contain but NASA has officially confirmed the compromise.

Rob Gutro, deputy news chief at the spaceflight center, stated that the system was actually compromised in April and that “the necessary steps were taken to protect the infrastructure at that time.” They refused to comment on what has been done to correct the situation since they keep their IT security matters on the down low.

Tinkode seems to be gaining quite a name. Only recently he hacked the website and a server belonging to the European Space Agency.

Below you can see the directory listing.


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