Mozilla stops development of Firefox Mobile on Windows-based mobile phones

by: admin on March 24th, 2010 at 12:36 pm


Mozilla’s Director of Mobile Engineering, Stuart Parmenter, announced that they will not be developing a mobile version of their browser for future Windows based mobile phones. They had issues because they wanted to write the program in native language but were limited to using Silverlight for general apps and XNA for gaming apps.

The Mozilla team has expressed disappointment in Microsoft’s stance and one of their developers even sent quite a ridiculous letter asking if they could develop and provide a NDK (Native Development Kit) for them to write with. Microsoft announced that 3rd parties will not be able to access the system’s backend, thus barring them from writing any independent applications.

For now they will continue developing their browser for Android based phones with current versions being in the pre-alpha stage. Also, they will continue the development on the Maemo platform used by Nokia smart phones. They hope that in the future, MS extends their OS to allow for 3rd party app developments.


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