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Modern Warfare 3 is coming

Posted by Bradley Wint on 25/02/2011

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Activision launched a teaser site some hours ago called to tease their announcement of the next Call of Duty title, which picks up from the loose ends of Modern Warfare 2.

Other than the count down (which lines up with the Game Developmers Conference), they sent out 2 bloodied dog tags to various gaming blogs, one of which said “End The War” and the website’s URL. The second tag has Lieutenant Sheperd’s military specs embossed onto it. It seems the Modern Warfare series may finally come to a close, answering the many unanswered questions posed in Modern Warfare 2.

The website which shows the countdown, also loads up with a quick flash of Makarov, one of the biggest enemies in the MW series. So will it be a head-to-head show down between Makarov and Sheperd? Guess we have to wait and see.

[Greetz Camille for the Heads Up]

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