Why was my comment moderated?

Your comment can be moderated at any time (either automatically or by one of our mods) due to a comment rule violation. To encourage healthy and insightful discussions, we try to prevent or discard comments which are not beneficial to the conversation, or just downright disrespectful to staff members or other readers.

Below are some of the rules to abide by:

  • Don’t spam or flame the comments section, it won’t get you any attention; expect getting hit with the ban hammer.
  • Don’t troll. There is a difference between disagreeing with a view point and just being plain stupid.
  • Don’t discriminate against any other person’s religion, ethnicity, gender or anything else that may not conform to your personal beliefs.
  • Don’t use expletive language of any sort, because there are better ways of expressing your view point.
  • Don’t make comments not in line with the topic of discussion. Any unrelated points will be deleted.
  • Don’t even think about direct marketing. For those who think they can make a worthy comment and get away with including their site link at the bottom, will be banned indefinitely the first time round.

If you disagree with an author’s view point or with a reader’s comment, feel free to state your counter argument, but do it in a manner that is respectable to others. It should be noted that we do not remove comments if we disagree with your view point, so if your comment does not show up or magically disappears, it’s because one of the rules above were broken.

If you as a user also see a comment that is offensive in nature (as in breaking the rules above), feel free to use the report function to flag the comment. However, if you disagree with a viewpoint (that lies within environment of acceptability), please do not flag it. As mentioned before, everyone is entitled to an opinion one way or the other.

If you have any issues, please feel free to contact us.