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Mobile Networking in London tubes soon to come

Posted by Bradley Wint on 22/02/2011

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Huawei is close to signing a deal to provide the hardware infrastructure to support mobile telephony in time for the 2012 Olympic Games.

If the deal goes through, French company Thales will be responsible for installing and maintaining the network, while most British mobiles will have access to it. The project is estimated to cost £100 million and will line the roof of all tubes by 2012. They expect to start installing the equipment in the Central and Jubilee lines and then will expand to the rest later on. The talks of having mobile networks installed within tunnels have been in the works since the days of Ken Livingston, but now good ole’ Boris has decided to go ahead with the initiative after some heavy debate.

There was even a 6 month Wifi trial held by to see if folks liked the idea of having connectivity down below. It seems most liked it, but some were afraid that the addition of networks could induce more terrorist activities, since bombs could be set off remotely via a cellphone connected to the network. Others were afraid that the focus on their laptops and cellphones would put them at more risk of being mugged, due to less attention going towards their surroundings. One person even commented that people may end up with their heads stuck to their Blackberries, that one of them may even fall on the tracks and get electrocuted or run over by a train. Such a nice thought.

What do you all think about mobile networking coming to the Underground?

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  • Eiron

    The advent of new technology always has its advantages and disadvantages. People will use the improvements in both ways. If negative thoughts will impede progress, it is the greatest impediment. Let each person be responsible for his/her own safety and let the government be aware of better security for their constituents.

  • Bradley Wint

    I could see their point on terrorism but the rest is just up to the users to be more careful. If they know they have no self control over sticking their heads in their phones, then don’t use it or use it when sitting down on the train…even though I’ve seen some suspect characters on the tube (very smelly ones as well LOL)

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