Minecraft hits 1 million purchases

by Bradley Wint on January 12th 2011 at 10:06PM

According to Minecraft stats, they have hit 1,000,000 units in sales. This of course includes only legit sales figures which include direct or gift purchases. However, Minecraft is obviously much more popular due to the extent to which it has been pirated. Yay, congrats guys.

The game has a really simple story line. You build a place to stay so when the night time reaches, the monsters (mobs) can’t attack you. There are various objects in the game such as wood, stone, dirt blocks and more which you can mine and then reuse to build your fortress. The game really has become popular, not because of its riveting gameplay, but because of the ability to build pretty much anything in block form. Since the laws of physics don’t generally apply, object can be places within the thin air (placing them on top another and removing the lower block), allowing for some pretty crazy stuff to be built. Below are some pics of the wonderful creations of bored Minecraft players.


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