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Massive explosion at Apple iPad 2 production plant

Posted by on 21/05/2011


Earlier today, a massive explosion took place at one of Foxconn’s production factories where iPad 2′s were assembled. The blast killed 2 people and injured 16 others.

Amateur footage captured plumes of black smoke emerging from the factory in Chengdu, China. It was reported that the blast took place around 7PM CST (China Standard Time). While many speculated foul play at first, officials later ruled that the fire may have happened accidentally, but the cause is still unknown. This unfortunate incident comes just weeks after the controversy of workers committing suicide at various Foxconn factories over poor working conditions and instances of unaccounted iPhones.

  • guest

    they are no longer allowed to commit suicide so they decided to blow the place up.

  • Ashley Pearson

    This is crazy. Old news now I know, but I never saw this one on the TV or anything.

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