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March 15th is here and Facebook still exists

Posted by Bradley Wint on 14/03/2011

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Earlier this year, a faux news site posted a story that Facebook was coming on an end of March 15th 2011, but as it turns out, it was a faked story that got a bit too much attention.

Anyway, the 15th of March is now upon us and Facebook is still here to stay and from what it seems, will be here for a very long time. With Goldman Sachs recently investing over $1 billion in private investments, things definitely seem to be going their way. Facebook was recently re-evaluated having about 165 million users on its database with about 8 sign-ups per second.

The site has become such a part of our lives, some even consider non-Facebookers as obsolete and many big named websites have integrated Facebook into its entire framework.

For those who think Mark is stressed out by his job, I’m pretty sure with all the money he is making, he could pretty much go on vacations all the time to relieve that stress. In the mean time, he has a dog to keep him company. But let’s not debate content posted on a fake website.

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  • Brandonoh_98

    i was fucked up when i heard that news

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