Many Facebook User Accounts and Pages being hacked

by: Bradley Wint on April 21st, 2010 at 4:11 pm

When I signed on to Facebook this morning, I noticed a number of Fan Pages were choosing to attend events promoting free product giveaways and testing. Initially I thought most of these pages were controlled by a few individuals promoting something. However, it seems a new bit of malware is rampant of Facebook once again, compromising many accounts. There are a few events persuading users to click a rogue link in order for them to find out more info about the competition for free testing or prizes. Some bogus titles include “Who wants a free Ipad? .”, “FREE IPAD + 100$ ITUNES GIFTCARD.” and “Get a Free iPad.” These are just a few of the many fake events.

The link leads to the trick software which compromises your account and managed pages. It then automatically adds you as an attendee of the event promoting the dangerous link. There is still little information on the situation, and I do not know exactly the full extend of damage this malware can cause (since I don’t want to find out on my PC). Once official information is released from a security agency, there will be an update on the situation. For now though, please avoid clicking these phony links and warn others about it.

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