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Man arrested for attempting to split atoms in kitchen

Posted by on 04/08/2011

A Swedish man has been arrested for illegally being in possession of radium, uranium and americium; in an attempt to split atoms in his kitchen.

Richard Handl said he was interested in physics and chemistry, and set up a nuclear reactor in his home to carry out his experiments. He used the various radioactive materials as part of his projects and even blogged about his progress, with one of the posts detailing a mini nuclear meltdown. While his efforts may have been innocent in nature, the police still arrested him for being in possession of the radioactive materials, and if convicted, he may serve up to two years in jail.

It turns out he took some time to contact the authorities about his experiments, just to find out if his actions were legal or not. They were quick to respond by sending the police to arrest him and seize all possessions and materials related to his activities.

Handl knows now that he should have contacted authorities if he wants to conduct any further experimentation, that’s if they let him off with a warning.


  • Alan

    “conduct authorities” or “contact authorities” ?

  • Bradley Wint

    Thanks. I had two trains of thought going on at the same time :/ Mixed up the words

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