Log in to Flickr with Facebook; give them moar power

by Bradley Wint on January 21st 2011 at 10:12AM

Photo sharing service Flickr has added the option of logging in via Facebook to its alternative log in list. The move was done to help make it easier for users to access the site.

Even though you require to still have your Facebook account associated with a Yahoo account to access Flickr, they are still making the move to get users to sign in easily. With over 150 million users subscribed to Facebook, it’s one of the best ways to help keep the user base active on other sites. Many sites have started adding the OpenID, Twitter or/and Facebook log in option, since registering on every single visited site has proven tedious in a world where people’s ‘impatience index’ is high.

Since Flickr already allowed photos to be shared on Facebook, the option is now being offered in reverse, making the experience very streamlined.

Once again though, the power goes to the big F, with more users being exposed to the whole 3rd Party Open Graph database, but with society becoming less likely to take the time to register on individual websites, the Facebook log in option seems to be one of the popular ways to go.

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