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Kevin Butler tweets Battleship Coordinates…oh wait, the PS3 Security Key I meant

Posted by Bradley Wint on 09/02/2011

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Aww, hot shot PS3 spokesman Kevin Butler made a boo-boo. Turns out he re-tweeted the new PlayStation 3 security key after carelessly replying to @exiva’s original Tweet.

46 DC EA D3 17 FE 45 D8 09 23 EB 97 E4 95 64 10 D4 CD B2 C2nnCome at me, @TheKevinButlerFebruary 9, 2011 3:04 am via Twitter for Mac

Obviously Kevin (or whoever manages the Twitter account) had to reply when Travis La Marr said “come at me”. Poor Kev thought those fancy numbers were Battleship coordinates and replied saying :

We couldn’t embed it obviously because it has since been removed. When he did Tweet the reply, a rush of comments came in from his followers highlighting the error of his ways. I guess we shall see a lawsuit coming soon entitled Sony Incorporated vs Sony Incorporated. Look out for the PS3 firmware update soon! :)

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