Italian movie sharing site LinkStreaming blocked by police

by: admin on April 22nd, 2010 at 4:11 pm

Italian movie sharing site, LinkStreaming, has been blocked by the Italian police authorities. After the courts implemented new rules allowing the police to block users from accessing illegal file sharing sites, they have come down on LinkStreaming and plan to move further by acquiring it once they conduct investigations. They will question 6 administrators with regards to the site’s activities. Apparently they were offering links to some of the latest movies for a fee, and this commercial operation was enough to get the cops and anti-piracy groups to take them down. The admins face between 1-4 years in jail and fines up to 15,000 euros each.

The authorities have said that they will continue to get the site blocked completely in co-ordination with all Italian ISPs. Also the site is completely non-functional for anyone who tries to access from outside Italy. Earlier this year, Pirate Bay and connected proxy sites were shut down under the same court ruling.

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