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Cheap bridesmaid attends wedding via iPad’s FaceTime app


In these hard economic times, people are not letting cash stop them from doing what they have to do. With things like an iPad and the Internet, a wedding was…

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New Survey says teenagers on social networks more likely to smoke, drink and do drugs


According to a survey by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University, teenagers who use social networking websites are more likely to smoke, drink and do…

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Surfing the Web at Work is Good

Web Surfing

A study shows that browsing and surfing the Internet from work is, in fact, refreshing and good for you and helps you be more productive. In the”Impact of Cyberloafing on…

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HP webOS/Videos site hacked?


It seems someone is mad that webOS won’t be making the cut anymore. Folks checking out videos on the HP TouchPad website are greeting by an Indian MBA citizen willing…

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Germany bans Facebook ‘Like’ button


The data protection commissioner from Schleswig-Holstein state in Germany has declared that they are moving to eradicate the Facebook ‘like’ button on grounds that it violates German and European data…

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Webmasters, protect yourself from email spam [How To]


One of the biggest problems for a webmaster is dealing with mail spam. While some email clients/servers do a good job at filtering spam, just the fact that you get…

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AOL Mailserver hacked, silly passwords still in use


AOL’s mail servers have been hacked, with vital database information being exposed via the page’s source code. While the hack may not be apparent on the Webmail page, the Postmaster…

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Anonymous not in support of Facebook takedown

It seems there is obvious disagreement among the Anonymous clan. This comes after AnonOps and GroupAnon both stated that they are not partaking in the November 5th attack on Facebook….

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Facebook still not shutting down

Earlier this year, we reported that Facebook was not shutting down after users panicked because of a faux post by the Weekly World News, a trashy tabloid website. It seems…

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Twitter follower count bug causes user pandemonium

Twitter users have one again gone on a tweet rage after seeing their Following and Followers count going down to zero. It seems a Twitter bug has caused accounts to…

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Increase Innovation in Trinidad by Cracking Down on Piracy

While supporting the “small man trying to make a living” and the average working Joe having the benefit of seeing the latest DVD movie or Music albums for a fraction…

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Why I dislike the Like Button

Over the past 2 years in the web world, I’ve been introduced to a number of social sharing tools during the Social Media explosion. They started off as simple links…

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Google Realtime may ditch Twitter for Google+?

If you are wondering where Google’s Realtime Search and Wonder Wheel disappeared to, then you are not alone because they have temporarily disabled the service after a contractual issue being…

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Barack Obama is dead, according to hacked Fox News Twitter account

If Fox News’ manipulated stories were not enough for you, how about several tweets coming from their Politics Twitter feed claiming President Barack Obama was assassinated. Luckily for them, the…

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Speed Up your WordPress website

The information highway has blown up in the past 5 years, and blogs are the new way to go with regards to information dissemination. Traditional news outlets have switched to…

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