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Internet shut down, Facebook accounts deleted in Algeria as War breaks out

Posted by on 12/02/2011


Just 3 weeks ago, the war raged on in Egypt but now revolution has come to Algeria as its country’s citizens also fight for freedom from President Abdelaziz Boutifleka’s rule.

Algeria’s riot police are less tolerant than those in Egypt and are targeting journalists as well (especially those with cameras) to ensure footage and information about what it taking place in the country doesn’t hit the international media. The government has gone ahead and shut down the Internet and even had many activists Facebook accounts deleted. They have even hired “thugs” to go out an do the dirty work, so crimes against international journalists won’t seem government related, but it’s a bit late for that now since the rest of the world pretty much know their intentions.

The government is persistent is killing the crowds on the Internet, but as Egypt has proven, this can only last for so long. The Twitter and Facebook pages are already

The “February 12 Revolution” stands for disgust against crime, poverty, unemployment and other human rights, similar to that of Egypt and it is believed the wars may spread to other Middle Eastern and African nations.


  • Anonymous coward

    How did they delete the facebook accounts?

  • Bradley Wint

    The Govt must has demanded Facebook do it.

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