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Slashdot founder Rob “CmdrTaco” Malda retires


Slashdot’s Founder Rob “CmdrTaco” Malda has announced his resignation from 14 year old tech news aggregate website because he considers himself “old.” He gave a pretty detailed outline as to…

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Job Market: Part Time Writer at BlogTechnical

BlogTechnical is looking for part-time writers who wish to put their journalism skills to work in the technology sector. BlogTechnical covers the latest happenings in the tech world, focusing on topic

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Surfing the Web at Work is Good

Web Surfing

A study shows that browsing and surfing the Internet from work is, in fact, refreshing and good for you and helps you be more productive. In the”Impact of Cyberloafing on…

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Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility


Google and Motorola have entered into a $12.5 billion deal in which Motorola Mobility will be bought by internet search giant. Following a Press Release on August 15th, 2011, both…

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Increase Innovation in Trinidad by Cracking Down on Piracy

While supporting the “small man trying to make a living” and the average working Joe having the benefit of seeing the latest DVD movie or Music albums for a fraction…

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Go Daddy expected to be purchased by 3 investment organizations

It is reported that three private equity investment firms may close a deal to purchase GoDaddy, the Internet’s leading domain registration company for US $2-2.5 billion. The three firms include…

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Look out for .branded domain extensions

ICANN is close to approving the addition of more Top Level Domains (TLDs), this time with the focus on brand-specific names such as Coca Cola, Apple, New York City and…

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Massive explosion at Apple iPad 2 production plant

Earlier today, a massive explosion took place at one of Foxconn’s production factories where iPad 2′s were assembled. The blast killed 2 people and injured 16 others. Amateur footage captured…

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Square Enix website hacked

The hacking fun continues as Eidos’ Montreal website succumbed to the faith of Internet terrorists. After post-analysis, Square Enix confirmed that over 25,000 email addresses were stolen as well as…

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AT&T to Cap Broadband users

Yep, AT&T will soon put a monthly data cap on its broadband Internet users, but it doesn’t seem to as bad as it appears. Folks using regular DSL will be…

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Engadget’s Top Gun Editors send in resignations

In the light of AOL’s big restructure, two more top gun editors at AOL have resigned from Engadget, one of the world’s biggest technology blogs on the web. Joshua Topolsky…

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Is the Social Media bubble going to burst?

Recently, Facebook was revalued at $67.5 billion on the SecondMarket, while Twitter was revalued at $10 billion, which brings up the question of whether a social media bubble is forming,…

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U.S. Gov’t shuts down 84,000+ sub-domains … by accident

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has once again boasted about seizing domains in an effort to curb various Internet crimes, this time in the child pornography department. What…

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Canadian Steam/Netflix users to feel the pinch of new Internet UBB Policy


Canadians are up in arms against a new Internet cap policy coming into effect soon thanks to the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). Basically, rather than enjoying the benefits of…

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Steve Jobs sick again

According to Reuters, Steve Jobs has filed for sick leave one again due to his continued health problems. He sent in an official letter to his board members informing them…

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