Hotmail inboxes go blank, should we be worried?

by Bradley Wint on January 1st 2011 at 10:37PM

Reports are coming in by the hundreds that Hotmail inboxes are going completely blank when users log in. Yes, that means no e-mails and no custom folders. Users even reported seeing ‘Welcome’ messages as if they had just signed up for a new hotmail account.

Microsoft currently has nothing to say on the matter but mentioned that they are working on the situation, so it’s still unclear as to what has happened. No one knows whether it’s some type of server glitch and we all hope that they have not lost any data. Their response is pretty much:

This issue is being investigated right now. We’ll get back to you as soon as any update comes up.


So what should be do? Right now it’s a sit and wait game because there is no way of recovering any information until they bring the system online. Also, it’s time that people made the switch to GMail. As a Hotmail user myself (for throwaway purposes), I am tired of the spam I get everyday about dildos and sex tapes, so make the move. Hopefully the situation is just temporary and can be fixed in a short space of time.

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