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Hollywood interested in making Dead Island movie

Posted by Bradley Wint on 21/02/2011

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The recent release of the Dead Island trailer had the world in a state of shock and awe. Some viewers even called it a Day 1 purchase. The epic trailer has gotten so much attention that even Hollywood is now thinking about making a movie based on the game.

Producers from the Sean Daniel Company have claimed to have gotten the rights to make a film based on the game (via Union Entertainment), and they added that the rights were obtained one year ago. These are the same people who produced The Mummy franchise and The Wolfman. Actors and potential actors have since been hounding the studio to be part of the movie, and there is even talk that casting calls will start some time in the coming weeks.

However, it seems all that talk may just be all smoke according to a letter sent to HitFix as follows.

I’ve just read your news about Dead Island and that Sean Daniel has bought the IP rights. While we would be honored to work with someone of Sean’s caliber, we have not sold any IP rights to his company as of today.

We’ve seen a huge interest in the movie rights of the IP and are currently looking through a vast amount of requests and inquiries. No decision has been made as of yet.

We are looking for quality above all else, so you will not see a quick sell on this. If we are to do it, we want to do it right as the game/movie — movie/game “genre” is full of examples of simple copy cat that were done to make a quick buck and failed. We will not go down that route with Dead Island.

Best Regards,

Malte Wagener
Director of Global Business Development
Koch Media GmbH / Deep Silver

The problem here is that a couple of insiders in the movie biz have confirmed that Sean Daniel Company has purchased the movie rights to the game via Union Entertainment, so for now it’s still a guessing game as to whether or not it will come to light, but we believe it may happen sooner or later.

The biggest issue though is that the movie takes a slightly different direction from the game and assuming that the game comes out before the movie (and is hopefully an epic masterpiece), will fans be disappointed with the differently styled storyline?

In the mean time, if you are the last person on the Internet and have not seen the trailer yet, take a look at it below.

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