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Hey Canadians! Got limited bandwidth? Let America help!

Posted by Bradley Wint on 02/02/2011

Two American citizens have joined to fight against the new bandwidth policy that has gone on stream across Canada. They have set up a site where Canadians can fill out a form to request for large files to be downloaded via American Internet, burnt onto CDs and shipped to them, for free! Yes, that’s right, free!

There are obvious limitations such as avoiding downloads of pornography, warez and other content that could land them in trouble.

The Canadian Download site runs strictly on a donation basis so users are not charged any fee, but considering that many are against the Canada UBB plan, they may see a high inflow of donations.

The process is legal in nature but  somehow I think if the names of these helpful fellows get out, the Canadian ISPs may find a legal loophole to limit their activities.

Check out their site and if you are Canadian, why not try it out.

**Update** – 3rd Jan

Yay Canadian Government


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