Guest Commenting Disabled

by Bradley Wint on January 11th 2011 at 12:15AM

Hey guys, unfortunately I have to discontinue the ability for guests to comment on our posts. The simple reason being – control.

The past weekend showed us that even with spam checking software (Akismet) and Disqus’ management system, it’s still impossible to crack down on a lot of spam. Some problems occur when some viewers feel the need to curse and be disrespectful to others. Also, the site owners who try to promote their piece-of-crap blogs also get me ticked off. Of course everyone deserves a change to some publicity, but please don’t do it in our comments section.

I’ve disabled guest commenting as a result, but there are many ways by which you can leave a comment. There are 5 ways to log in.

Also, with Disqus being used on so many sites, you can easily post comments with your same account across the web.

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  • Mathew James Britton

    i think its a great idea :) makes the community a bit closer if anything. Instead of getting hardcore spammer/trolls

  • Bradley Wint

    Ya, it got pretty bad on that Facebook post. I try to embrace all my viewers but when people try to use sites to promote spammy and potentially spyware/spamware laiden sites, it gets me annoyed. Hopefully will separate those who add real value to the discussions vs those who don’t.

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