Google Pac-Man responsible for over 4.82 million wasted hours of productivity

by: Bradley Wint on May 25th, 2010 at 12:05 am


Just a few days ago, Google posted an interactive version of the popular Pac-Man game in commemoration of 30 years of entertainment. RescueTime, the time management software firm, has compiled some interesting stats about the buzz caused by the Pac-Man program.

Some may argue that the game was a great idea to get some leisure time in during work or school hours, but looking at it from a purely productive point of view, they estimate that over 4.82 million hours of potential productivity were lost to Google’s game.

On average, they estimate that a Google user would spend about 11 seconds through the course of one day on Google, browsing maybe 22 pages. On Friday, the average jumped by 36 seconds on that faithful day. It turns out that this figure would have been 3-4 times higher if 75% of the users had realized the logo was actually playable.

The round up shows that about 4,819,352 hours were lost (in addition the regular Google usage), with lost earnings amounting to US $120,483,800.

I don’t think too many business owners minded though? Wouldn’t be surprised if they were caught playing a round before closing some business deals.


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