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Google accuses China of blocking Gmail service

Posted by Bradley Wint on 21/03/2011

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China is once again under the spotlight, this time being accused by Google for interfering with the email service, Gmail.

With the political situation getting very unstable in various Middle Eastern countries, China has gone ahead to block many social networking and communication services, to potentially prevent an uprising like what has taken place in the Middle East.

An online group called the “Jasmine Revolution” has been growing in strength, and as a result the Chinese government started blocking Gmail services to prevent communication between the activist members. According to Google, there have been no technical problems on the server, so all fingers are being pointed at a blocking attempt on the government’s behalf.

Just recently, Google has been at war with China over censorship of its search engine, but bigger problems started occurring in January around the time when wars broke out in Egypt. Around that time, the “Jasmine Revolution” had sent out notices of possible strike action being held around the city, but the Chinese government quickly stepped in to block Internet traffic related to the political situation, and deployed a heavy police force, resulting in the protesters not showing up on the planned days.

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