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Good news Canadian Steam/Netflix users, UBB policy to be overturned

Posted by Bradley Wint on 03/02/2011

Hooray for bandwidth and Canadian Government common sense. The Canadian Prime Minister and the Minister of Industry has made the decision to force the CRTC to reverse the Usage-Based Bandwidth policy which affected most Canadian Internet browsers.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission obviously are a private institute but government laws allowed Cabinet to overturn the decision. The obvious number of protest and threats to leave ISPs had quite an resounding effect, with the government saying “a decision like this is clearly not in the best interest of consumers.” The Consumers’ Association of Canada also made a statement that the actions of the CRTC were clearly unjust and unfair, with the intention to move customers from web surfing to HD cable viewing.

Earlier this week, we talked about how the CRTC and major ISPs started implementing a policy of Usage Based Bandwidth where very low caps (as low as 25GB per month) were going to be set, and users crossing those limits would have to pay much more (maybe up to $4.00 per GB). Also, if they wanted a higher bandwidth cap, they would have to subscribe to more expensive plans.

The decision was obviously to shift the Internet market back to cable since services like Netflix were taking users away from the TVs to their computers. The limit would have been such a pain because downloading from Steam and Netflix alone could mean using up your limited bandwidth in one to four sessions.

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