Gizmodo/Gawker may sue police after iPhone evidence raid

by: Bradley Wint on April 29th, 2010 at 9:39 am


After San Mateo County Sheriff’s office police raided the home of Gizmodo’s Jason Chen, Gizmodo has banded up their team of very high powered lawyers and are considering filing a law suit against the sheriff’s office. It seems that California law states that bloggers, no matter how small are considered journalists as well, giving them shielded protection from protective authorities. The law limits authorities from searching any offices belonging to journalists.

Since Mr. Chen’s home is considered part of his office, it was deemed illegal for authorities to break in and search it. After the warrant was posted on Gizmodo’s site, many analysts quickly pointed out the flaws in the document, citing that he was protected by the law.

Surprisingly, the authorities who conducted the raids knew about the “shield law” but continued the raid on a cost/benefit basis, and thought that it was still the best course of action considering the circumstances. So where is the missing puzzle in this story?


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