Gingerbread OTA coming to Nexus One owners in next few weeks

by Bradley Wint on December 21st 2010 at 6:40PM

Yes, that’s right folks, the new Gingerbread OS update will be hitting the Nexus One in the next few weeks, according to Google themselves.

Even though the Nexus S is now the spotlight of attention, the  Nexus One is still considered a Developer’s phone and Google has been quick to offer updates for it before any of the other models out there. Also, it’s still a Google phone, so why not update it before the rest? So far the Nexus S is the only phone on the market running the smoother Gingerbread OS.

There is currently a source code version available for download but Google urges people to hold off for the OTA version, since it would be much smoother and refined.

For those who own a Droid or Droid Incredible, the ROMed (source code) version is out for download as well. Waiting for an OTA version may take much longer though.

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