Flash coming to Windows Phone 7 sooner than we think?

by: Bradley Wint on May 5th, 2010 at 4:11 pm

If you’ve been keeping up with the war between Apple’s Steve Jobs and Adobe, Jobs basically has taken a stab at the Flash and AIR series from Adobe, saying it was incompetent and slightly insecure. They have exchange words back and forth, with the end being that Jobs considers Flash a pile of crap. This means that iPads and iPhones may or will never see Flash on its system…ever. If devs submit apps based on the new CS5 Flash series, there is a very high chance it will get rejected.

So Adobe has thrown in the towel on Apple’s crazy rules and stated that they will be focusing other brands such as Google Android, RIM, HP/Palm, Microsoft, Nokia and others. Earlier it was announced that Flash would not be coming on the initial versions of Windows Phone 7, and many were still unsure if Adobe would develop a Flash kit for it. However, they now say that they are working on bring Flash CS5 and AIR to the brands mentioned in the previous 2 lines. So does this mean Windows Phone 7 will see Flash in the near future? Has the Apple scenario kick-started plans for it?

Stay tuned.

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